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Add:Qi Ning County, Shandong Province Industrial Zone, No. 256
Contact:Mr Qi
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   Ning County, Shandong Province, glass machinery Factory: Glass Machinery is engaged in manufacturing, silent chain sprockets and all kinds of material with mesh belt processing professional enterprise , product marketing more than 800 users, the glass industry in our country enjoys high reputation.
Our factory was founded in 1975 , is located in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, Qi Ning County Industrial Park , located in the provincial traffic trunk next to convenient transportation . In a pioneering spirit, pragmatic and innovative premise, the annual output value reached 20 million yuan , with an annual output of more than 9500 million productivity.
    Our factory has a good overall quality and strong technical force , advanced manufacturing technology , processing equipment , infrastructure improvement, with respect to talent , and actively absorb scientific and technological development. "Prevent strict control , excellence, and create a progressive , reached the international advanced level " is our quality policy. In the present glass machinery and equipment to automate the rapid development of today, in glass containers industry competition between day and night time , to meet the development needs of the glass industry , and in line with national authorities raised the spirit of the localization of imported machinery , and in the light of advanced countries of similar products. Have been developed since 1986 : oblique blanket feeder, hanging feeder, screw feeder, pendulum rod feeder, tooth chain bottle conveying machine, turn -style bottle conveying , the new push bottle machine , CNC push the bottle , mixers and other dozens of products sold abroad , new and old customers. Tooth chain bottle conveying , conveyor belts and hanging feeder sold in Indonesia, Thailand , Laos and other places. Since 2009 our company has successively developed a turning conveyors , new push bottle machine , biaxial tooth chain belt and other products , praised by users , and are exported to overseas.